Copper Harbor Playground Project

Help us bring a new playground to the Copper Harbor School

Keeping up with Marty

Marty is the man.  He is the ignition and the fuel behind this operation.  In the beginning he helped dream up the layout of the new playground.  He found out what options were available, got input from the school kids and helped put it all together.  Now he stays on top of things by taking pictures, doing research, meeting with possible donors, attending local events and other tasks we probably don’t even know about.

Fortunately there are other key players in this project making phone calls, handing out envelopes, planning events and keeping records.  We are grateful for them all.  (Thank you!!!)  But Marty is really the go-to man in this project.  He even has his contact info on this web page if you have questions or ideas.

This past weekend Marty went to the Copperman Triathlon, right here in beautiful Copper Harbor.  He got the opportunity to set up a little stand to make people aware of this project.  Athletes and spectators donated on site and picked up an envelope for later.  The kids and adults at this race were quite interested in the new playground.  Thanks to everyone who donated!

Marty enlightens the crowd with his words, posters and donation can

Way to represent the kids!

During the awards ceremony of this event, the Keweenaw Health Foundation presented us with a $1,000 check.  Thank you Keweenaw Health Foundation!  If laughter and prevention are the best medicines, then they know this playground is a great way to keep today’s children happy and healthy.

Marty receives the big check with applause from the crowd

While we’re on the subject of business donations, Superior National Bank also donated to our project.  Thank you Superior National Bank!  Is your business next?

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