Copper Harbor Playground Project

Help us bring a new playground to the Copper Harbor School

Envisioned Playground

The best parts about the new playground are that it will be safe, made from recycled material and made to look like the nature around us.  Oh, and it will be fun and exciting for kids of all ages!

Below are some of the concept designs that we have put together with Superior Play.

Here is a view of the older kids’ area from the basket ball court. Looks like fun to me!

Here is what it will look like from Highway 41. The lower area is specially designed for younger kids.

Looks pretty neat, hey?  Below are some real pictures taken of the products Superior Play puts out.  They really pay attention to detail!

A maze in the tree trunk. Amazing!

The cozy dome. Are you in or out?

The log slide — splinter free!

The roof of the fort. You’d think the kids made it themselves.

We hope this setup will help unleash the imagination in every child who comes to play.  Kids dream big, and we’re dreaming big for them.  Help make this one a reality!

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