Copper Harbor Playground Project

Help us bring a new playground to the Copper Harbor School

Portage Health + Grant Township School = $15,000!

Did you notice our thermometer went up?

Maybe you saw it on the news.  Maybe you read about it in the paper.  Maybe you just heard the rumor.  Maybe you don’t even know yet: Portage Health donated $10,000 to our Playground Project!!!  You can hear it straight from them at their blog.  This story also made the front page of the Daily Mining Gazette and appeared on ABC 10 News.

Kevin Store, director of marketing and communications at Portage Health felt that it was an honor for them to be a part of this because, after all, Portage Health wants our community to be healthy!  Playing on safe, fun equipment outside is a great way to start.  Thank you Portage Health!

But that’s not all.  The Grant Township School Board also graced us with a $5,000 donation!  Of course, they want their students safe and healthy as much as their parents do.  Thank you Grant Township School Board for your generosity!  This is really getting our progress moving!

So who will be the next big donor?  Do you know anyone with a business in the health, education, youth or recreation department?  If so, let them know that supporters are jumping on board to make our dream for the kids a reality.  Urge them to contact Marty at (906)289-4306 to ask how they can make their donation and make a positive impression in the community.

We feel very fortunate to receive these generous donations from businesses, boards and supporters like you.  Thank you so much!

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Tour the New Playground!

Superior Play, the designer of our dream playground, has put together a virtual tour of what is to come in the Grant Township Park!  In this tour, you will learn the goals and objectives for the new playground.  And for something new, you can visit the project with video clips of how each component will be used by the kids!

If you get a chance, watch this with your kids, and show them what fun is coming to Copper Harbor!

CLICK HERE to start the tour.  The presentation ID is 50096.  You may as well make some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Plus, stay tuned for fundraising opportunities!

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Econo Foods Donates to the Playground!

Now I’m not going to tell you where to buy your groceries, but I will tell you where to buy them if you want your purchases to benefit the Copper Harbor Playground Project: Econo Foods!

Do you already shop there?  Great!  All you have to do is SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS.  That’s it!  Save your receipts in a jar or a bag, and when the Copper Harbor Welcome Center opens full time in June, bring them all there.  We will have a designated area for receipts.

You might be wondering how this works.  Econo Foods will donate 1% back to the cause from all of our receipts.  If you spend $100, they’ll chip in a dollar.  If you spend $100 a week for the whole summer, well, that will add up!

Plus, if you buy their “Our Family” brand, you can cut out the UPC and bring it in with your receipts.  They are worth 5¢ a piece!  That adds up even faster.

Want to help with this, but don’t live in Copper Harbor?  No problem.  Here is a link to Econo Foods locations in Michigan and Wisconsin.  Here is the link to stores in Minnesota and other places in Wisconsin.  Just do your shopping there, save your receipts and mail them to:

Copper Harbor Playground Project/P.O. Box 48/Copper Harbor, MI 49918.

Better yet, come on up for a visit, and bring them with you!  Ah, fresh produce and bakery never tasted better when you help the kids get a new playground.

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Ye Old School Yard

Every time I go by the school yard, I think, “Wow, I bet those kids will be glad when they actually have some fun, safe equipment to play on.”  It will make recess more fun for the students, and it will give visiting families some quality time outdoors.

As we move into the spring, efforts are continuing to make this project a reality.  Here at the Copper Harbor Playground Project, we would like to extend a big THANK YOU! to all the ice fishermen, snowmobilers, residents and lovers of Copper Harbor who donated over the winter.  Check out that thermometer… we’re not doing too shabby so far!  Now let’s get it hot in here!

We would also like to thank everyone who sent in their letters of support for the two grants we are currently seeking.  As of today, the Trust Fund Grant the the Recreational Passport Grant have been submitted.  The more that thermometer goes up in the next year, the more likely we are to have a match to be rewarded with these funds.

Do you know anyone who would like to help?  Please contact your friends and family, and let them know about this worthy cause.  Because personally, I can’t wait to go by the school yard and think, “Wow!  That playground looks so awesome, I want to play on it!”

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Make that Thermometer Dance

As of today, the Copper Harbor Playground Project has 100 “likes” on facebook.  Woo hoo!  Thanks for staying updated!

With that in mind, we want to keep YOU updated.  Check back here every week to see our donation progress.  That curly vine thermometer will be updated every Monday to the best of our ability.  If you don’t think it’s moving up fast enough, there are some things you can do to help it along!

1) Write the letters recommended in the post below, so we can receive grant money (then it only costs you 45¢).  But hurry, the deadline for this is March 21, 2012.

2) Click the yellow donate button on the right to make your tax deductible donation today!

3) Share this website with your friends on facebook and in your neighborhood, so they can help out too!

4) Come up to Copper Harbor, talk to the locals, get excited about the project, and slip some cash into one of our handy dandy envelopes that are available at most businesses in town.

Pretty easy, hey?  What are you waiting for?  Let’s blow that thermometer through the top!

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Two Letters Can Save the Day!

Don’t have the money to donate right now, but have the time? Perfect!

We have started the process of applying for a Trust Fund Grant from the Michigan DNR. This grant is awarded on a point system.  If we don’t have enough points to qualify for the Trust Fund Grant, we will withdraw that grant application and apply for the Recreation Passport Grant.  This will happen simultaneously as both grants must be submitted by April 2, 2012.

We are asking for letters of support for the Copper Harbor Playground Project.  We need two separate letters, but you can use the same letter for each. Just mention the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant in one and the Recreation Passport Grant in the other.  These letters will be forwarded to the Michigan DNR Grants Program with the applications.

The grant committee would like to hear from business owners, year round and seasonal residents, visitors, township officials and especially families who will be using this playground.  The more reasons you state to support this project, the better! Every letter written increases our chances of receiving one of these grants.  Please consider helping out this great cause.

In case the idea of formulating a letter frightens you, feel free to use the text below in the body of your letter.  Please embellish with your personal thoughts.

     “I am writing in regard to the Playground Project in Copper Harbor, Michigan.  Considering the time and energy that was put in to its design, I believe this playground would be an asset to the children, parents and visitors of the community.

     With children often looking at a computer screen these days, a safe and intriguing place to play outdoors is essential for children’s developement now more than ever.  The system that Grant Township is planning to put in not only encourages kids to be outside, but will peak their curiosity and imagination.  It is also designed to look more natural just like the area of Copper Harbor itself.  With the technology of this equipment, it will be up to code for safety as well.

     Watching the residential community grow as more children are being born locally, now is the time for us to have a place for them to play.  At the same time, Copper Harbor is a tourist based economy, so the more we can offer our visitors of all ages, the better our town can thrive.

     I strongly urge you to consider this request for a small community that truly wants what is best for its residents and visitors.  The whole area tries to work together, and this is another project that will strengthen that bond.”

You may send your letters to:
Marty Faassen
PO Box 48
Copper Harbor, MI 49918

The deadline for the letters is March 21st, so please take a moment now! Thank you so much for your support.

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Our 1st post. Hello world!

Welcome to the website for the Copper Harbor Playground project.  We are starting a campaign to building a significant playground structure adjacent to the Copper Harbor School, in Copper Harbor, MI.  Committee participants consist of parents of young children, grown children, and non-parents, all who understand the vital role of play in a child’s development.  We plan to keep everyone updated on the progress of this project through our facebook page.

Some benefits

  1. Promote greater outdoor, social and physical activity for the young people of Copper Harbor and the surrounding communities
  2. A combination of structures will provide healthy opportunities for purposeful play, creating motor skill abilities in a non-electronic environment
  3. Provide a safe environment that is separated by age and ability levels that is fun and creative for locals and visitors
  4. An accessible playground can create positive experiences to those with disabilities who are less able to enjoy the natural features of our local environment
  5. Enhance the local park and provide a greater focus on the uniqueness of Copper Harbor’s one room schoolhouse.