Copper Harbor Playground Project

Help us bring a new playground to the Copper Harbor School

Schedule to Build a New Playground

on August 19, 2013

Ahhhhhh!  Less than a week for the new playground!!!  Are you ready???  Get your buns up here and help us out on any one of these days, PLEASE!

Monday, Aug 19 – The playground will be closed for disassembly.  The old equipment will be removed.
Tuesday, Aug 20 – Anything that wasn’t disassembled or removed will be finished up.
Wednesday, Aug 21 – Playground engineer, Eric Sheffer from Superior Play, arrives.   Excavation begins, and materials arrive from 41 Lumber.
Thursday, Aug 22 – Playground equipment from Landscape Structures arrives (2 semi loads).
Friday, Aug 23 – Playground surfacing arrives (2 semi loads).
Saturday, Aug 24 – Build Day starting at 8 am!
Tuesday, Aug 27 – Playground will be open for use!!!

Please watch our Facebook site for the Grand Opening date and time.

Did you see our new total over there?  If you can’t come to help build, you still have time to send a few bucks to finish it off!

The slide is almost finished... you know what that means!

The slide is almost finished… you know what that means!

Please call or email if you have a couple hours to share during the disassembly days:  (906)289-4306

And please call Miranda to be added to our Build Day list!  (906)289-4662.

See you Saturday!

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