Copper Harbor Playground Project

Help us bring a new playground to the Copper Harbor School

To Build a Playgroung August 24th, 2013

on May 30, 2013

This summer we plan to build the new playground on August 24th!  Mark your calendar, come on up and HELP US put it together!  We are going to assemble it in ONE DAY, so we need 50 volunteers.  Can you be one of them?

If so, please email or call Miranda at (906)289-4662.  She’ll put your name on our list.

Can you think of anyone else who would like to help?  Why not plan your Copper Harbor vacation that weekend?  Bring the family!  Yes!  Then you can all hang out in the schoolyard and test out the new equiptment!

As you can see, we have not quite reached out funding goal, so please keep saving your Econo receipts and dropping your change in the Playground fund canister at the Gas Lite General Store.  Oh, heck, if you can’t be here to help us build it, you could drop a “Happy Building” card in the mail with a donation!

The times and perks of this grand building day will be updated through our facebook page and this site.  Please stay tuned for the details.  And why not pump some iron to build your digging and building muscles?  See you August 24th!

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