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Santa’s Little Elves

on January 7, 2013
Copper Harbor had some busy little elves this Christmas!  Donica Dravillas of Garden Brook Studio, organized her Christmas wreath business again this season.  Local folks signed up to purchase a wreath made by Donica and her helpful little elves.  Only this year, all the proceeds went to the Playground Project!  Extra big thanks go to the head elf, Jill Protzel, and Mrs. Claus, Peg Kauppi, for letting the elves spin wreaths at the North Pole, um, I mean The Mariner North!
Donica shows us how it’s done

Head Elf Jill does a fine job!

Head Elf Jill does a fine job


Busy, busy at The Mariner North Pole!

More gratitude goes out to all of you who bought a wreath to help out the playground fund.  We have been so fortunate to receive such overwhelming support from our community, those who love the area and those who love the children.

With Christmas under our green and red belts, what’s next?  Well the Playground Project will once again be providing refreshments for the ice fishing tournament at Fort Wilkins/Lake Fanny Hooe on Saturday, Feb 9.  The ice is nice, so why not bundle up and jig a little bait?  More details on this event are to come, so stay tuned.

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