Copper Harbor Playground Project

Help us bring a new playground to the Copper Harbor School

All the Little People

Have you looked at that thermometer lately?  WE ARE OVER HALF WAY TO OUR GOAL!!!  Pardon me for getting so excited, but it is a milestone in this project.

With this in mind, you should meet more of the folks who have been supporting, promoting and carrying this project.

Way at the top of Brockway Mountain sits the Skytop Inn.  They have a cooler full of pop and water that they sell to thirsty shoppers.  The proceeds from each day’s loot go to support the playground.  Nice!  Thank you Clyde and Lloyd Wescoat!

The fine folks at the Gas Lite General Store have a “Playground Fund” bucket that you can drop your change into after you make your purchase.  You may as well.  If your pocket is jingling, you’ll scare away the wildlife.  Thank you to all our friends at the Gas Lite who show us where to stick our nickels and dimes!

The Isle Royale Queen IV captains inform their passengers of this project on the way back from Isle Royale.  There are a lot of people on that boat, so thank you captains for spreading the word!

Syd Faassen has been collecting receipts and donations at Econo Foods every month, and Chris O’Callahan is helping to add them up.  The receipts have brought in over $1,000, so get your fresh savings now!

You can find our little green and white envelopes at the following places in Copper Harbor.  Contributions from donation cans and envelopes come from:
Copper Harbor Welcome Center
Berry Patch
Brockway Inn
Pines Resort
Keweenaw Mountain Lodge
Mariner North
Harbor Lights Inn

So thanks again to all the little people with big hearts who keep the support flowing for the kids.  That’s what it’s all about!

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Breakfast Pays Off

If you have eaten breakfast at The Pines Resort in Copper Harbor since the winter, you may have received a playground envelope sometime during your meal.  Do you know why this is awesome?  The owners of The Pines support this project, and because they let their servers hand out envelopes, we have received hundreds and hundreds of dollars in donations at breakfast!

A big THANK YOU goest out to The Pines for letting us spread the word about our cause.

And Saturday, September 15th, The Harbor Haus is putting on a breakfast fundraiser for the playground!  They are serving at the restaurant from 9-11 am.

Breakfast will be off the menu, and all proceeds go to the playground fund.  No reservations will be taken for this event, so get there early!

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