Copper Harbor Playground Project

Help us bring a new playground to the Copper Harbor School

Tour the New Playground!

Superior Play, the designer of our dream playground, has put together a virtual tour of what is to come in the Grant Township Park!  In this tour, you will learn the goals and objectives for the new playground.  And for something new, you can visit the project with video clips of how each component will be used by the kids!

If you get a chance, watch this with your kids, and show them what fun is coming to Copper Harbor!

CLICK HERE to start the tour.  The presentation ID is 50096.  You may as well make some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Plus, stay tuned for fundraising opportunities!

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Econo Foods Donates to the Playground!

Now I’m not going to tell you where to buy your groceries, but I will tell you where to buy them if you want your purchases to benefit the Copper Harbor Playground Project: Econo Foods!

Do you already shop there?  Great!  All you have to do is SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS.  That’s it!  Save your receipts in a jar or a bag, and when the Copper Harbor Welcome Center opens full time in June, bring them all there.  We will have a designated area for receipts.

You might be wondering how this works.  Econo Foods will donate 1% back to the cause from all of our receipts.  If you spend $100, they’ll chip in a dollar.  If you spend $100 a week for the whole summer, well, that will add up!

Plus, if you buy their “Our Family” brand, you can cut out the UPC and bring it in with your receipts.  They are worth 5¢ a piece!  That adds up even faster.

Want to help with this, but don’t live in Copper Harbor?  No problem.  Here is a link to Econo Foods locations in Michigan and Wisconsin.  Here is the link to stores in Minnesota and other places in Wisconsin.  Just do your shopping there, save your receipts and mail them to:

Copper Harbor Playground Project/P.O. Box 48/Copper Harbor, MI 49918.

Better yet, come on up for a visit, and bring them with you!  Ah, fresh produce and bakery never tasted better when you help the kids get a new playground.

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