Copper Harbor Playground Project

Help us bring a new playground to the Copper Harbor School

Ye Old School Yard

Every time I go by the school yard, I think, “Wow, I bet those kids will be glad when they actually have some fun, safe equipment to play on.”  It will make recess more fun for the students, and it will give visiting families some quality time outdoors.

As we move into the spring, efforts are continuing to make this project a reality.  Here at the Copper Harbor Playground Project, we would like to extend a big THANK YOU! to all the ice fishermen, snowmobilers, residents and lovers of Copper Harbor who donated over the winter.  Check out that thermometer… we’re not doing too shabby so far!  Now let’s get it hot in here!

We would also like to thank everyone who sent in their letters of support for the two grants we are currently seeking.  As of today, the Trust Fund Grant the the Recreational Passport Grant have been submitted.  The more that thermometer goes up in the next year, the more likely we are to have a match to be rewarded with these funds.

Do you know anyone who would like to help?  Please contact your friends and family, and let them know about this worthy cause.  Because personally, I can’t wait to go by the school yard and think, “Wow!  That playground looks so awesome, I want to play on it!”

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