Copper Harbor Playground Project

Help us bring a new playground to the Copper Harbor School

Our 1st post. Hello world!

Welcome to the website for the Copper Harbor Playground project.  We are starting a campaign to building a significant playground structure adjacent to the Copper Harbor School, in Copper Harbor, MI.  Committee participants consist of parents of young children, grown children, and non-parents, all who understand the vital role of play in a child’s development.  We plan to keep everyone updated on the progress of this project through our facebook page.

Some benefits

  1. Promote greater outdoor, social and physical activity for the young people of Copper Harbor and the surrounding communities
  2. A combination of structures will provide healthy opportunities for purposeful play, creating motor skill abilities in a non-electronic environment
  3. Provide a safe environment that is separated by age and ability levels that is fun and creative for locals and visitors
  4. An accessible playground can create positive experiences to those with disabilities who are less able to enjoy the natural features of our local environment
  5. Enhance the local park and provide a greater focus on the uniqueness of Copper Harbor’s one room schoolhouse.